We want the KOHLER Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker

We want the KOHLER Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker

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So we’re 53 days before Christmas and less than a month away from the official Christmas month. At SmartHomes Now, we’re always on the lookout for cool new appliances and devices to make your home smarter.

So how about the showerhead that has an integrated Bluetooth speaker? Kohler Co., a global leader in smart kitchen & bath products, and Harman Kardon, an industry leader in audio technology and innovation, have partnered to launch the first-of-its-kind offering: the new KOHLER Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker. Imagine taking a hot shower, and you’re listening to O Fortuna/Carmina Burana by Carl Orff or to Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful, and it’s coming from the showerhead.


The Kohler Moxie showerhead is available with either a portable Bluetooth-enabled speaker or a smart speaker with embedded Amazon Alexa. The Moxie showerhead looks like it was made for the smart homes, cleverly blending the sophistication and design excellence of Kohler’s bathroom collection with the highest quality sound experience via Harman Kardon.

Kohler says that the Moxie showerhead will bring a new audio and water experience to the showering space. Get a full-coverage spray and specialized tuning for the unique acoustic dynamics of the bathroom.

The showerhead is available in a polished chrome finish paired with a white speaker, brushed nickel finish paired with a grey speaker, or matte black finish paired with a grey speaker. What’s great about it is that it’s integrated with Amazon Alexa. Before, during, or after your shower, you can ask it to play music and check the news. You can even ask it to order more personal hygiene products and control other smart products. And you won’t have to hold or press any buttons on the showerhead (that would be a weird design, though, if it had buttons). 

The KOHLER Moxie Showerhead + Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is now available at Kohler.com and major retailers. The Amazon Alexa-enabled Moxie will launch later in the year. To learn more, visit Kohler.com/moxie.

Now if it could only change the shower settings through voice command… Regular shower… gentle like rain shower…  super-strong-like-a-rampaging-river-shower for those who want a shower and life-altering experience.


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