We want the Leviton motion-detecting lights

We want the Leviton motion-detecting lights

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If you’re looking to add some motion-detecting lights in your smart home, check out Leviton’s  Decora® Motion Sensors.

These new sensor lines will provide users optimal management of lighting and motor loads with enhanced detection functionality for accurate switching. The new occupancy and vacancy sensors offer flexible single pole or 3-way installation options, wiring with or without a neutral conductor, and a slim profile with the shallowest depth on the market today for easy installation in new construction retrofit applications.

The sensors use passive infrared (PIR) detection to monitor a room for occupancy through a segmented lens. Automatic-ON and Manual-ON models are available, providing whole home-solution options for bathrooms, hallways, basements, laundry/utility rooms, garages, pantries, and walk-in closets.

With enhanced performance and fast, easy installation and programming, the redesigned Leviton Decora Motion Sensors offer convenience, security, and intelligent energy-saving solutions for many areas within the home. Flexible wiring options and interchangeable line and load wires reduce the likelihood of miswiring, saving time and making installation a DIY-friendly project. Updated aesthetics and a low-profile design allow the devices to blend in with walls for a discreet appearance.

The new Leviton Decora Motion Sensors can replace any standard switch and control LED, CFL, incandescent, halogen, low magnetic voltage, and electronic low voltage lighting loads, as well as motor loads. Users can set adjustable delayed-OFF time features for one minute, five minutes, 10 minutes, or 20 minutes.

Additionally, a customizable setting for ambient light levels helps conserve energy by ensuring the lights will not turn on ample natural light in the room. In line with this, users may also adjust the Decora Motion Sensors coverage area for more precise, targeted lighting control. Decora Motion Sensors provide a 180-degree field-of-view, 900 sq.-ft. coverage and comply with both the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) and the 2019 California Title 24, Part 6 Vacancy Control Device Requirements.

Leviton Decora Motion Sensors are backed by a five-year limited warranty and coordinate seamlessly with other Leviton residential devices. It includes compatibility with Decora and Decora Plus™ screwless wallplates, and color change kits are available in White, Ivory, Light Almond, Gray, Black, and Brown. 

To learn more about Leviton’s Decora Motion Sensors, visit www.leviton.com/sensors.