Dreame Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one intelligent cleaner

Dreame Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one intelligent cleaner

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 Dreame Technology, a growing innovative company, specializing in smart home cleaning appliances, will launch its brand new AI-powered robot vacuum cleaner, Dreame Bot L10 Pro. This intelligent robot vacuum cleaner features precise navigation, intelligent obstacle recognition, avoidance, and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for the 3D environment.

The robot vacuum industry has been through rapid development since 2010, with random- and gyro-based navigation being the norm until it got replaced due to poor cleaning performance. After that, vSLAM navigation (also referred to as visual SLAM) and LiDAR SLAM navigation have followed the footprint to empower robot vacuums with more advanced cleaning competency. LiDAR SLAM navigation can outperform vSLAM navigation in more accurate and faster mapping and consistent working in the dim environment.

The Dreame makers have optimized the LiDAR navigation system of Dreame Bot L10 Pro and our self-developed SLAM algorithms to speed up its obstacle recognition after thousands of specific lab tests so that the robot can move freely and clean efficiently. It maps your house as it sweeps in real-time, knowing exactly where it has been and where to go.

Dreame Bot L10 has an upgraded LiDAR navigation system, self-developed SLAM algorithms, and dual structured light technology, widely used in the self-driving industry, facial recognition area. Dreame Bot L10 Pro’s millimeter-level detection of 360-degree view enables itself to automatically identify objects such as furniture, cable, slippers and avoid them accordingly in advance, reducing the risk of getting stuck or collided. 

With multiple-floor mapping technology, Dreame Bot L10 Pro can store maps of different floors so that users can personalize dynamic cleaning routes for each floor and room. Users can set specific cleaning areas and virtual no-go zones as they wish in the App. Besides that, twenty-six sets of smart sensors within the robot allow itself to perceive cliff and clean edges virtually at home.

Dreame Technology has already launched its Robot Vacuum F9 and D9, which features vSLAM and LiDAR SLAM navigation, respectively, in 2020. Dreame Bot L10 Pro will be available on Amazon and AliExpress this summer.