World’s first UHD Blu Ray Player and See Through Refrigerator

World’s first UHD Blu Ray Player and See Through Refrigerator

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IFA 2015 is one of the biggest trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances. Just like CES 2015,  we saw a number of great product and tech launches at this event.

We’ve already talked about Sony’s new Xperia Z45 phone and Haier’s self-cleaning household appliances. There’s a ton more of new launches that directly impact the home and consumer. Check them out:

Ultra High Definition Blu Ray 

As if Blu Ray’s high definition isn’t enough, Samsung came out with the world’s first ultra high definition Blu ray  player. The Samsung  UBD-K8500 will supposedly deliver 4K movies.  Blu ray content plays at 1080p so with UHD Blu Ray (UHDBR), you’ll be getting 4 times the resolution. You’ll also get higher color expression. So you’ll not only see really fine detail, you’ll probably  see the molecules as they form the image. Just kidding. You’ll be seeing a ton more details and even greater color reproductions with  UHDBR.  This will be perfect for your Curved UHDTVs.  This player will also upscale content to UHD resolution.  There’s no reason now to ever leave your couch. Or your bedroom. Or your living room. Or go outside.

Ultra High Definition Blu Ray

We checked out other sites and we found out that  it’ll be available next year. It will likely retail around US$400 to US$600. Pricey but if you like native 4K movies for your 4K TV, this is the one you need.

See Through Refrigerator

Haier’s pretty busy. We already featured their Self-cleaning household appliances. At the IFA 2015, they also launched a see-through refrigerator.  And no, you won’t be needing special glasses to see anything inside.  Get near enough and the front panel will automatically light up.  You’ll get to see at what’s see inside the refrigerator.  It’s not completely transparent but you’ll know if you’re out of  Mayonnaise, cheese or vegetables  to maintain your girlish figure.

Haier Smart Refrigerator

This fridge is meant for people who don’t like the extra effort of lifting their arms and pulling the refrigerator door just to see what they can raid inside the refrigerator.

Here is’s preview of the Haier See Through Fridge.

But this is one awesome refrigerator.  Now if it’ll only tell me in real time to lay off the mayonnaise or tell me that I’m too fat and ask me to not to take anything from the fridge.



For more information on these IFA launches and innovations, visit the IFA site or click here.