Your smartwatch could have health emergency alerts soon

Your smartwatch could have health emergency alerts soon

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Some of you may be wearing Fitbits, smartwatches, or other health-tracking devices so you can monitor your heart rate or how many calories you’ve burned with that 7-minute intense workout. 

Well, here’s a welcome health device development. HandsFree Health™, the provider of WellBe®, a secure, HIPAA compliant, voice-enabled virtual health assistant platform,  announced the integration of the WellBe voice assistant into its Emergency Alert Smartwatch.

Users can now access the comprehensive suite of health services WellBe provides by using voice to “ask WellBe” – creating a new category in the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) industry. This innovative functionality allows their smartwatch users to utilize WellBe’s health features out of their homes and on-the-go, offering the security and comfort of asking WellBe a question anywhere. Combined with a built-in heart rate monitor, pedometer, and GPS, WellBe Emergency Alert Smartwatch now offers the first complete health and wellness wearable equipped with 4G connectivity and 24/7 emergency monitoring.

HandsFree Health Adds Voice Technology to its Medical Smartwatch (PRNewsfoto/HandsFree Health)

HandsFree Health Adds Voice Technology to its Medical Smartwatch
Adding voice health assistant WellBe to our smartwatch transforms what customers expect in mobile PERS technology.

Enabled by HandsFree Health’s on-device microphone, WellBe is available at the press of a button. WellBe can answer health questions from one of the world’s largest health databases, record your blood pressure, help you find a local pharmacy or remind you to take your medications. WellBe also helps with everyday tasks like locating a restaurant, checking the local weather, reading the news, and controlling your smart home and health devices with just your voice.

HandsFree Health utilizes Over-the-Air (OTA) updates for customers who already own a WellBe Emergency Alert Smartwatch to receive automatic updates including the voice-enabled virtual health assistant function. The secure, HIPAA compliant, HandsFree Health, WellBe platform is also cloud-based which means that interactions users have with WellBe on-the-go, such as recording a glucose reading or setting a reminder, are also available on other WellBe enabled devices like the WellBe smart speaker or mobile app. HandsFree Health plans to roll out this new functionality in early 2nd Quarter 2021 to all new and existing customers; followed by advancements in medication and appointment notifications.

WellBe Emergency Alert Smartwatch is available on the HandsFree Health website.