Zero Breeze is the World’s First Portable Multifunctional Air Conditioner

Zero Breeze is the World’s First Portable Multifunctional Air Conditioner

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We’ve featured portable Air conditioners before but this one merits the space here at Smart Homes Now! The Zero Breeze touts itself as  World’s First Portable, Smart, Multifunctional Air Conditioner.

Not only does it blast cool air, the Zero Breeze is a bluetooth speaker, a night light, and a smartphone charging station. It’s everything you need to make your outdoor trips and camping more comfortable.

The makers of Zero Breeze say that it is capable of cooling a 50 square feet room down to 44 ℉ (that’s close to 7 degrees Celsius).  It could basically make a small room frosty and it’s even good enough for small offices,  camping tents, college dorms and more.

The Zero Breeze is effective, lightweight and easy to use. It uses a  rotary compressor making Zero Breeze efficient and portable so people to stay cool anywhere, anytime. It’s got 3 settings: Cool Airflow , Instant Breeze , & Regular Fan Airflow.

Zero Breeze AC

And yes, it is multi functional. Zero Breeze has  charging ports so you can charge your phones or other gadgets.  To use its bluetooth speaker, you only need to lift the front panel and connect to your phone. It has manial volume levels and skip songs control, in case you get tired of doing these on your mobile phone.

What’s also great about it is its built in power bank and it’s not some dinky model.  Its power bank contains 64 cells of 18650s, the same cells that Tesla  car uses. It is a 5-Hour Battery,so you can use it indoors and outdoors. If you’re using the Zero Breeze inside, simply attach the hose and extend the other end outside.

And if you need illumination, the Zero Breeze has a LED light as well.  Zero Breeze is great for out-of-town trips, outdoor family get togethers and more.

It’s currently on Kickstarter  and it’ll arrive this March 2017. Check it out if you want a portable AC.