5G smartphones: What’s under the hood?

5G smartphones: What’s under the hood?

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We’ve talked about 5G recently and how it’s supposed to bring internet connectivity to a whole new level. And we’ll likely see 5G integrated into other devices, according to global tech market research firm ABI Research.  

ABI Research tappedSystem Plus Consulting to tear down two 5G smartphones. Their teardown confirms that  smartphone OEMs extend fully integrated modem-RF system designs to support 5G and LTE implementations over their flagship devices. 

According to the ABI Research report, their teardowns analysis shows that Qualcomm’s RFFE system design covers both sub-6 Gigahertz (GHz) and Millimeter Wave (mmWave) 5G options but also utilizes LTE frequency bands.  

Teardown Galaxy

System Plus Consulting did a teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 5G smartphone and found it’s integrated mmWave design with LTE technology. ABI Research said that optimizing integration between 3G/4G and 5G using a single supplier could not only provide a superior system design, enabling the production of cost-effective, smaller form factors, and low-power consuming devices.

The report also stated that more OEMs would likely start adopting mmWave modules into other form factors such as foldable phones and devices.  If this particular technology trend continues, we’ll start seeing more 5G installations in cars and appliances. 

If you want to learn more about the teardowns and industry trends, and challenges that smartphone OEMs face to bring 5G to market, download the whitepaper. Alternatively, click this link:

Teardowns of New 5G Smartphones Confirm Benefits of Integrated Radio System Design. 

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