Get ready for 5G for the home!

Get ready for 5G for the home!

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You’ve probably heard about 5G for quite a while now but if you haven’t, here’s why we’re excited about it.
5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks. According to the wireless industry trade group, GSMA, 5G is supposed to be faster than 4G LTE. Some 5G pundits have said that it could be even 100 times faster. It uses new radio frequencies to carry more data and use small cell tower configurations to take the signal everywhere.

So how fast is that? It can potentially reach 1 Gigabit per second (or 1000 Mbps). Well, if those speeds are real, then 5G would allow you to download a two-hour movie in less than 10 seconds. It also has greater bandwidth than 4G LTE enabling more devices to connect, and every device and appliance would have the same access and speed to the Internet.

5G bandwidth pipe and speeds make it possible to do untethered augmented and virtual reality applications, precise remote surgery, and drone control. It also promises to have lower latency than 4G. If it takes 400 milliseconds to access a website through 4G, 5G almost makes it instantaneous at one millisecond.

Years ago, LTE and 4G were supposed to bring home Internet speeds to the 21st century. It hasn’t happened yet. 5G started rolling out as early as 2018, and we’ll probably see 5G services rolled out this year or the next.

5G homes coming soon

5G Home services have rolled out in the United States and other parts of the world. 5G for the home will likely use a wireless router to connect to a wireless ISP. No more messy cable installations or snaking wires through rooms and roofs and walls. For it to work, you’ll likely see smartphones, tablets, computers, and other appliances with integrated 5G tech.

South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and China are some of the countries that have rolled out 5G.
In our very own backyard, Globe and Smart have started rolling out 5G services in commercial districts.  

5G is already available in Metro Manila, North and South Luzon and parts of the Visayas and soon will be rolled out in the rest of the country. And pretty soon, we’ll have 5G in our homes.




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