Clean, spray and UV disinfect  with the Ginjot Mop

Clean, spray and UV disinfect with the Ginjot Mop

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It’s 2021 — time to clean house. And we mean that literally. We’re still dealing with the pandemic, and we still need to take care of ourselves, including where we live.

The floors need to be clean of dust, residues, and other nasty stuff. So get yourself a robot vacuum cleaner, or if you’re on a budget, a decent mop. But how about getting a mop that can clean and disinfect at the same time? A mop with a sprayer? Check. How about one with a portable UV lamp and solar panel so you won’t need to charge it? That’s the Ginjot, a multifunctional flexible UV cleaning mop.

It’s a cleaning mop with a look and hoop system with 360° swivel, water spray, and a UV light and solar panel.

Ginjot has a washabledual-sided microfiber pad that deals with all kinds of surfaces. We’ve used mops like these before, and they are easy to use and clean. It’ll clean any dirt or gunk on the floor, and you can strip it off to clean and wash it.

On top of the pad is a sprayer, which you can manually operate via the trigger on the handle. And then there is the UV Sterilizer lamp that’s on the cleaning pad as well.

If you didn’t know, UV breaks down several types of chemical bonds and scrambles the structure of RNA and DNA.  UV light prevents the bacteria and viruses from multiplying and being infectious. And you won’t need to worry about charging the UV lamp because it has its solar panel. Just put it where there’s a little sunlight, and it’ll charge itself.

On top of everything else, the Ginjot is made of recycled plastic.  Get this if you want to reduce your carbon foot print.

The Ginjot is currently on Indiegogo and if you’re interested to know more, check it out here.