New LG washing machines lets you clean two loads simultaneously

New LG washing machines lets you clean two loads simultaneously

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We know that you’ve experienced it before. You’re washing your delicate clothes but you can’t put them together with your jeans and shirts and other non-delicate stuff.

You have to wait for your delicate clothes to be washed first then you can wash your other set of laundry.

Time consuming? Very. Wastes more water? Definitely. Well, LG is making it easier for people to wash their dirty laundry faster (and we literally mean dirty clothes).

LG introduced their Twin Wash system at CES 2015 which they say can handle two loads at the same time. It’s got two separate drawers: one to handle the heavy load and the other to clean delicate clothes. Pretty handy if you ask us.

LG Twin Wash System

LG’s Twin Wash System also incorporates the EcoHybrid Dryer that supposedly recycles heat the washing machine generates to dry your clothes; it’ll make your machine more energy efficient.

And of course, this LG washing machine has Wifi compatibility and works with their ThinQ smartphone App. With it, you can bascially set specific cycles with just a few taps on your smartphone. Yes, you can wash your clothes while you’re on the crapper or in the kitchen fixing up a sandwich because we love fixing sandwiches while we’re doing laundry.

Check out the for more info on this new washing machine system.



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