Brother launches Sewing Machines for Enthusiasts and Budding Fashion Designers

Brother launches Sewing Machines for Enthusiasts and Budding Fashion Designers

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One of the things that we want to take up as well is sewing. Being able to design, create clothes or repair torn ones is useful. It could also be your ticket to becoming  a fashion designer.  If you are serious about sewing, Brother, a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment company, will help you with that with their great line of Sewing Machines.

If you have dreams of designing your own clothes, Brother has the NV-55P. It has its own LCD display, centralized control panel, automatic needle threader, quick set bobbin, LED sewing light, 7-point feed, and 135 built-in stitches that includes letters. For Php 24,995.00, you can start sewing your vision and bring it to life (not literally life as clothes are  inanimate and non-organic but we know you already knew that).

Brother NV-55P

They got other models like the Brother M3034D sewing machine; it doesn’t look like your regular sewing machine This one is a 4-thread overlocker  for easy threading, fast and simple lower looper threading system, instant rolled hem, and differential feed for perfect seams on virtually any fabric type.

Brother M3034D

They also have the Brother GS-2700 and similar to the NV-55P, it has built-in needle threader, quick set bobbin, 1-step buttonhole, manual stitch length and stitch width control, and 27 built-in stitches.

Brother GS-2700

But if you just want a sewing machine that’s not too big on the bells and whistles, Brother has the JS-1410. This one has 14 built-in stitches, 4-step automatic buttonhole, top load bobbin, LED sewing light, and comes with instructional DVD for fast and easy sewing lessons. You can get this for only Php 9,995.00.

Brother JS-1410

For more information on the Brother Sewing Machines, you can visit the Brother site or click here.

And remember, sewing is great;  It’s one of the finest skills the human race has developed and you should get it as well.